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Springfield Arts

Music and arts workshops in glorious countryside for all lovers of fun

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The Shed

 The range of these workshops will take place in Rob's bespoke, hand built Shed. This was a project which started in 2014 and the decorating is now near completion!


 This space is made up of recycled windows, palates and a variety of wood to create a light and inspirational place to learn crafts in. With quirky features such as a washing machine door window and stain glass windows it also stands as a fabulous example of Rob's beautiful wood work.


 When it's not being used for workshops it acts as a homemade man cave!

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19h-21st May 2017

with Nicki Heenan

12th-13th August 2017

14th-16th July 2017

Lizzie Godden

16th-17th September 2017

22nd-24th September 2017

Printing with Lizzie Godden

1st July 2017


with Nicki Heenan

17th-18th June 2017

Printing with Lizzie Godden

2nd July 2017


7th-8th October 2017

the imperfection with Tara Axford - 2nd September 2017


11 June 2017

Part 1

Part 2

the imperfection with Tara Axford - 3rd September 2017

17th-19th November 2017